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St Mary's Coptic Orthodox College

Newsletter Issue No. 3

Celebrations of the Feast of Holy Resurrection

with a Whole College liturgy

On Thursday 4th May 2023, students joined together in joy and thanksgiving to celebrate the feast of Resurrection. The Liturgy was celebrated with Fr Tadros, the College Director and Fr Peter, the College Chaplin.

Fr Peter spoke about the Lord’s appearances after the Resurrection and the joy of His glorious Resurrection. During the Holy 50 days, the Churches use processions, white curtains and flags, all while singing hymns in a joyful tune.

The students enjoyed singing ‘Very Early Sunday Morning’, lead by the deacons during communion.

We thank our Lord, for gathering us all together during this joyful occasion, to celebrate His love for mankind, His care and His sacrificial love. We pray that the joy of the Resurrection fills everyone’s life with happiness, comfort, love and hope just as the Resurrection filled the lives of the disciples.

Student Attendance

It has come to our attention that many students are picked up earlier than our 3:00pm, school dismissal time. The worst day/time of the week has been Fridays when many parents come into reception requesting to pick up their child before dismissal time.

We would like to remind you that school attendance is compulsory, and by law parents and carers are responsible for their child’s attendance at school.

Taking a student out of the classroom for no good reason, and doing that more frequently, will definitely impact the student’s academic outcomes as he/she will miss out on instruction, particularly the summary of what’s been taught/learned in class and/or homework given toward the end of the session. Furthermore, this causes interruptions to class learning and as a result does not help the student’s self-esteem due to how he/she will be perceived by other students in class if this happens quite often.

Students are expected to be at school from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Students should not be removed from school except for important appointments that could not be made outside of school hours, due to illness or injury. Picking students up from 2:45pm or earlier to avoid traffic is not acceptable. A note in writing explaining the reason for a student’s early departure, or late arrival in the morning, is expected of the child’s parents or carers.

Parents and carers should encourage their child to attend school regularly when the school is open for instruction, and parents/carers are expected to provide a good reason for their child’s absence from school, whether for part of the day or for the whole day.

Thanking you for your support in this matter.

SMCOC Debating Team!

I am pleased to share some fantastic news regarding our students' exceptional performance in the Debaters Association of Victoria (DAV) Schools Competition Round 3, hosted by Coburg High School. Our students achieved great success, winning two out of three debates and receiving three "Best Speaker" Awards.

I would like to acknowledge the students who represented our College in the DAV Competition and made us proud with their outstanding performance:

  • Esther Homa (8A)
  • Amira Boulos (8A)
  • Jonathan Shaker (8D)
  • Maria Abdelmalek (9B)
  • Joys Shehata (9B)
  • Kyrollos Borham (9B)
  • Mina Hanna (10A)
  • Tatiana Issa (10A)
  • Jessica Farah (10C)

I take this opportunity to congratulate the following students for their wonderful achievements:

  • Esther Homa (8A) - Awarded "Best Speaker"
  • Amira Boulos (8A) - Tied for "Best Speaker"
  • Mina Hanna (10A) - Awarded "Best Speaker"

Thank you for your support.

Kind regards,

Mariam Saad

English Week
The English Week started wonderfully with the Debating Team answering a few questions in the Monday Assembly about their passion for Debating. It has been such a pleasure to work with Miss Mariam Saad and the young people in our community who are participating in the Debating Team: Joys Shehata, Tatiana Issa, Mina Hanna, Maria Abdelmalak, Kyrollos Borham, Amira Boulos and Esther Homa.
They have debated such interesting topics as We Should Ban Uranium Mining, We Should Have Compulsory Volunteering in The Community and that Compulsory Voting should be Abolished in Australia. Jessica Farah and Jonathan Shaker have just joined, and this should strengthen our already formidable team.

Spelling Bee
The Spelling Bee is underway and once completed, the Year 7 and Year 8 winners will be published in the newsletter, and vouchers and prizes shall be awarded. Thank you to all the participants, Ms. Pidiseti, Ms. Boulos, Miss Saad, Mr Stone, and Ms. Youil for their assistance in its running.

Writing Competitions
The writing competitions closed on Friday 19th May. Details were published on SEQTA a couple of weeks ago.
There were 3 separate Writing Competitions, open to every Secondary Year level. The Competitions requirements were:
1. Write a Creative piece paying respect/homage to anyone whom you choose. It should be anonymous so you should not name the person who you are describing. It can be in any form e.g., poem, letter, diary, short story etc. It should be between 250 - 750 words as a minimum depending upon which form you are using. If it is a poem, it may be shorter but if it is a narrative or piece of descriptive writing then it may be longer. You can say anything you like about why you admire this person.
2. Submit a favourite scene from a film. We want to see you take a famous film scene and rewrite it in your own style. Ideally you will use a play script format, but you may choose to include an accompanying storyboard to help your reader visualise your scene clearly in their mind. The scene should be between 450-750 words as a minimum.
3. Write your own song. if performed it should last between 2 - 5 minutes. You can either submit a video of you performing the song or a copy of the lyrics.
Awarded Prices were $50, $25, and $15 for First, Second and Third in each of these competitions.
Finally I would like to thank Mrs Saad and Father Tadros for supporting this initiative. English Week provided an opportunity for every pupil to shine.
Hopefully later in the year, we can have another dress up for the Book Week. Further details will be forthcoming on that.

Murray Stone
Head of English

SMCOC's Weekly Soccer Tournament 

Check out these photos from our most recent tournament! It was a crowded and enjoyable event for all involved. There was a great sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship on display, with everyone cheering each other on and having a great time.

 We're thrilled to see so many students coming out to participate and support their classmates. It's amazing to see the positive impact that these types of extracurricular activities can have on our school community. 

Werribee Mansion Excursion

On the 8th of May, Year 2 students and their teachers experienced a day in the life of the Chirnside Family and their servants that lived and worked at Werribee Mansion in the past.

This term, students are studying about the History of Technology. This excursion encourages students to compare their own lives with that of the Chirnsides and reinforces their learning of how technology has changed since then.

Students were given a glimpse of what it’s like to live in the past through work and play - washing, drying and ironing clothes at the second biggest laundry room in Victoria, learning about children’s toys and education of the past, as well as walking through historic farms, gardens and mansion grounds. It was a memorable experience for Year 2 students, with a lot of walking and learning, and a great day for all.

Graffiti Education Program

On the 30th of May, the College organised for a program to be run for our Year 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 students. 

The Graffiti Education Program is linked to ACARA and is run by Hume City Council. 

Through the program, students learnt self respect, learning to say "no" and how to be an up-stander. It also helped the students to understand the consequences of their actions and how that affects them and their community. 

This was a great way to help enhance the wellbeing of students. 

Mervet Boulos

Head of Primary and Acting Year 8 Coordinator

Health and P.E Curriculum Week

On Monday 22nd May 2023, as part of Health and P.E Curriculum Week (22nd May – 26th May), a futsal clinic was held for our Primary School students. The enthusiastic coaches from Futsal Oz (Thomastown and Brunswick) ran a variety of activities varying the skills based on the age levels allocated in each session block.

The program provided students with the opportunity to learn more about Futsal as a sport and practice some of the basic skills, with the sessions concluding with friendly mini-tournaments between the Year level classes.

All the Primary School students cooperated and participated in the Futsal clinics with remarkable sportsmanship. To the delight of the students, the Futsal Oz coaches awarded many ‘Best on Ground’ certificates!

Thank God the day ran smoothly and the whole Primary School cohort and staff shared positive feedback about the day.

Futsal Oz

*If your child is interested in joining extracurricular Futsal programs through Futsal Oz, please find below the information on the 2 stadiums you can visit.*

Futsal Oz Thomastown

4/391 Settlement Rd, Thomastown


Futsal Oz Brunswick

407-409 Victoria St, Brunswick

1300 788 799

Sports Day

In week 5, all the Primary School students took part in celebrating PE/HEALTH


On Wednesday of that week, all the students had an amazing day participating in a

range of activities that encouraged them to be physically active, be part of a team

and show their best sportsperson qualities.

All students from Foundation to Year 2 enjoyed the morning participating in Ninja

school, developing their flexibility and coordination skills, along with relay races

competing against their peers in house teams and finally, they were fully engaged in

a Health a Well-being session, learning about personal hygiene.

All the students in Years 3-6 spent the afternoon competing against each other,

playing capture the flag and dodgeball, along with developing their coordination

skills, flexibility and endurance by moving to a Zumba lesson and finally, being

engaged in a Health Well-being lesson about self-acceptance.

I would like to thank all the students for making the day so much fun and the

teachers for running the activities.

Kate Tsiolas

Head of Curriculum (Primary)

St Mary's Coptic Orthodox College

19-35 Thorpdale Avenu, Coolaroo 3048

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