Celebrations of the Feast of Holy Resurrection

with a Whole College liturgy

On Thursday 4th May 2023, students joined together in joy and thanksgiving to celebrate the feast of Resurrection. The Liturgy was celebrated with Fr Tadros, the College Director, and Fr Peter, the College Chaplin.

Fr Peter spoke about the Lord’s appearances after the Resurrection and the joy of His glorious Resurrection. During the Holy 50 days, the Churches use processions, white curtains, and flags, all while singing hymns in a joyful tune.

The students enjoyed singing ‘Very Early Sunday Morning’, lead by the deacons during communion.

We thank our Lord, for gathering us all together during this joyful occasion, to celebrate His love for mankind, His care, and His sacrificial love. We pray that the joy of the Resurrection fills everyone’s life with happiness, comfort, love, and hope just as the Resurrection filled the lives of the disciples.